We have a large inventory of boilers and boiler accessories for sale.

Our product list is updated periodically, so check back to see our latest stock.

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Equipment List:



Cleaver Brooks Boiler 50hp, 30psi shell, gas/oil

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 30hp, 15psi steam, gas only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 60hp, 150psi steam, gas only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 125hp, 60psi shell, hot water, gas/oil

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 100hp, 30psi shell, hot water, oil only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 125hp, 60psi shell, hot water, oil only

RBI model SB300 boiler

Weil McLain 88 front section



Limpsfield model LCN21/36 gas burners

Limpsfield LCNP73/88 gas burner

Power Flame model CR2-G-20B gas burner w/ Autoflame Mini Mk7 combustion controls, 4.0” w.c., 230-1, MOD ODP operation, ventless gas train

Power Flame model C3-G-25B gas burner, 5.7” w.c., 208-3, MOD ODP operation


Draft Controllers

Cleveland draft controller model 94606 C07720C0-4121-001

Cleveland linear type LF actuator model 946069141-0-1-0-1-A-8



Belimo model F680HD+GKX24-MFT-X13 3-IN 2-way butterfly valve w/actuator

(2) Carrier 39MJ1521S2-951F8-4 air handler unit w/heating coils

Leonard model LV-985-SW-LF-BDT 2-inch mixing valve

Spirotherm VSR400FA 4-in flanged air separator

Spirotherm VSR200FA 2-in flanged air separator



Armstrong model E22-2B bronze pump, 2/5 HP, 120-volt

Grundfos model TP80-80/4 pumps w/ 3” flanges 1.5 HP, 208/230/460-3, 163 GPM @ 20 FT HEAD

Grundfos Magna 3 model 40-120F N 216 (bronze)) 1/5 HP, 115-1, 35 GPM @ 25 FT HEAD

Grundfos MAGNA3 model 40-180F 216 pump

Grundfos MAGNA3 model 40-180F 208/230/1 P/N 98126836 pump

Grundfos P/N 539615 bronze 1.5-in flanges

Grundfos P/N 91584910 2-in flanges

Tuthill model 3C2F-C-7 oil pump 2HP, 230-v


Steam/Water Heater

Aerco B+03EC-1.25 steam to water heater



TCI 3HP, 480-V line reactor w/ enclosure

TCI model KDRA5L 10HP, 480-V line reactor

TCI model KDRA5LC1 10HP, 600-V 14A line reactor

Yaskawa model E7LVD004CGX 5HP variable frequency drive, 208-volt 4.6A w/ bypass

Yaskawa model CIMR-ZU2A0011FAA 3HP variable frequency drive 208-volt

Yaskawa model CIMR-E7U-22P21A 2HP variable frequency drive 208-volt

Yaskawa model CIMR-ZU4A0034FAA 25HP variable frequency drive, 480-volt, w/ line reactor

Yaskawa model CIMR-E7U49P01B 15HP variable frequency drive 480-volt