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Equipment List:

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Cleaver Brooks Boiler 50hp, 30psi shell, gas/oil

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 30hp, 15psi steam, gas only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 60hp, 150psi steam, gas only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 125hp, 60psi shell, hot water, gas/oil

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 100hp, 30psi shell, hot water, oil only

Cleaver Brooks Boiler 125hp, 60psi shell, hot water, oil only

RBI model SB300 boiler



Limpsfield model LCN21/36 gas burners

Power Flame model CR2-G-20B gas burner w/ Autoflame Mini Mk7 combustion controls, 4.0” w.c., 230-1, MOD ODP operation, ventless gas train

Power Flame model C3-G-25B gas burner, 5.7” w.c., 208-3, MOD ODP operation



Belimo model F680HD+GKX24-MFT-X13 3-IN 2-way butterfly valve w/actuator

(2) Carrier 39MJ1521S2-951F8-4 air handler unit w/heating coils

Leonard model LV-985-SW-LF-BDT 2-inch mixing valve

Spirotherm VSR400FA 4-in flanged air separator

Spirotherm VSR200FA 2-in flanged air separator

C26100 Front Plate C1/88

C26101 Front Plate C2/88

A20660 Front Plate C3/94

HBS 70491 Mounting Plate C2-J50/19A

HBS 70510 Mounting Plate C4-C5/28A

Spence D5-C1A1GS

Spence E2-C2-H9A1 2-in IPS main valve

Neptune T10 1.5" water meter cu.ft


Armstrong model E22-2B bronze pump, 2/5 HP, 120-volt

Flo-Fab Model PSM08-02, 50 GPM @ 60 TDH 2, 2 HP, 115-230-1

Grundfos model TP80-80/4 pumps w/ 3” flanges 1.5 HP, 208/230/460-3, 163 GPM @ 20 FT HEAD

Grundfos TP80-240/2-A-G-A-RUUE W/ 3" flanges 3 HP, 115/230v, 155 GPM @ 51 FT HEAD

Grundfos MAGNA3 model 40-180F 216 pump

Grundfos MAGNA3 model 40-180F 208/230/1 P/N 98126836 pump

Grundfos P/N 539615 bronze 1.5-in flanges

Grundfos P/N 91584910 2-in flanges

Taco 1634-C3E2 Circulator, 1 HP, 208/230/46-3

Tuthill model 3C2F-C-7 oil pump 2HP, 230-v


Steam/Water Heater

Aerco B+03EC-1.25 steam to water heater



Yaskawa model CIMR-ZU2A0011FAA 3HP variable frequency drive 208-volt

Yaskawa model CIMR-ZU4A0034FAA 25HP variable frequency drive, 480-volt, w/ line reactor